Orchid, what is it?

Orchid is a fast Gentoo installer for desktop computers and laptops.

Orchid, what is it?

The idea behind this project is to provide a graphically usable Gentoo system with modern tools and a nice look, all with a quick installation.

Respect of the compilation

We do not use any ancillary repositories and deeply respect the spirit of Gentoo.

A secure system

Your packages are built from official sources, following the guidelines of the editors.

An outstanding customization

Thanks to the compilation from source, the system is optimized for your computer. You can disable some unnecessary features in your usage when installing packages.

Several desktop environment available

We have several desktops from GNOME to KDE Plasma, and also a window manager like DWM.

Stable and reliable

Continuously updated (rolling-release), Orchid follows the rhythm of Gentoo. A step back is taken on upstream versions in order to gain in stability.

Performance at the top

We use a detection system that optimizes your system according to your hardware. Moreover, we also offer the TkG kernel, optimized for gaming, but also for compiling.


Internet access in order to download the archives.
CPU At least 4 cores, more is even better !
RAM At least 4 GB
Disk space At least 20 GB